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The Still Water Designs Summit Trellis System

Lean and Lower All Your Tomatoes At Once With A Push Of A Button

The Summit Trellis System leans and lowers entire rows of tomatoes, beans, cucumber, hydroponic hops and others with a push of a button.

Our system can handle rows of any length and can be custom built to your needs.

Automating this arduous process will reduce your labor costs, increase your efficiency and

improve your growing consistency.

Some of the benefits of the Summit Trellis System:

  • Save Time & Money – By reducing the hours it takes to do this job manually to mere seconds you'll save time and money.

  • Ease of Use – Our 1-button system is simple and gives you control of your entire row of trellised plants.

  • Improve your health – Automating the process will reduce stress on your shoulders, neck and back.

  • Improve growing consistency – You can space your plants at optimal distances for light and air and the plants will stay in place all season long.

  • Limit damage to your plants – Our system lowers your rows gently and slowly each time. This results in less damage to your plants.

  • Improve your safe working environment – No more ladders, lifts or stilts! Manage your rows from the safety of the ground!

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