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Still Water Designs Summit Trells System


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Still Water Designs Summit Trellis 2
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We have worked extensively to make things simple for you the grower.With this in mind we have made the purchasing process easy as well starting with getting you an estimate cost.

easy to get an estimate

All we need from you is 3 simple inputs.  From there the process of getting an estimate can take as little as 5 minutes.

gather some info

1.  What is the total length of your row of trellised plants?

2.  How many plants will be in that row during its densest planting?

3.  How far apart will those plants be spaced  in the row from each other during its densest planting? 

3 simple inputs
built to last

When it comes to reliability we've made sure our parts will last.  Made from galvanized, zinc coated and stainless steel, along with UV resistant HDPE plastics. 

common sense

In designing and building our products we pull from our years of experience in multiple fields and lean on our common sense to create things that simply work and are built to always work.

know how

The Summit Trellis System has been designed, tested and built by manufacturers with over 30 years in the business of agriculture and industrial machinery. 

The Still Water Designs Summit Trellis System

Currently, trellised plants are leaned and lowered by hand, a manual process that is very labor intensive, time consuming and comes with some safety and consistency issues.
The Still Water Designs Summit Trellis System, is a machine that leans and lowers entire rows of trellised plants with just the push of a button.


of using a summit trellis system

2 Hours Of Work Done In Seconds
Still Water Designs Inc

2 Hours Of Work Done In Seconds

ease of use

1 button operation makes things simple and gives you full control of an entire row of trellised plants.

Let your shoulders, neck and back rest easy.

consistency and reliability

Plants can be trellised and spaced at optimal distances for light and air flow and they stay that way all season long.

Our design was made to be  maintenance free with built in reliability.  

reduce labor costs

Reduce labor and make your staff more effective in other areas.

Let the Summit Trellis System turn hours of work into seconds.

about us
it's about time

Still Water Designs is a company started by growers for growers.  We believe that by bringing you innovative, simple and reliable products we can give back the most valuable thing you have; time.

farmer intuition

The Summit Trellis System was invented because a grower knew there just had to be a better way to do something.  It's brilliance and intuition that brought the Summit Trellis System to life. 

beauty in the simplicity

The Summit Trellis System is truely a beautiful design because it performs its functions in the simplest way possible.  Once you experience it you'll be asking "why didn't I think of that?"

ready to find

out more?



built by growers

for growers

regain time

Time is the most valuable thing we have and with our machine we can let you use your time more effectively.  Leaning and lowering an entire row at once typically only takes 30 seconds or less!

improved safety

Say goodbye to ladders, lifts, or stilts to lean and lower trellised plants.  This can now all be done from the safety of the ground.

All you'll have to do is push a button.


Plants are lowered gently and slowly each time and every time giving consistency to the leaning and lowering process. This results in less damage to the plants.

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